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Share Your Love of TEC

Volunteers, participants, and friends of TEC ...


Want to share your love of TEC with others?  There are many ways you can spread the word about TEC.  Here are some ideas:

  • Tell family and friends about your experience with TEC.

  • Broadcast your love by sporting TEC wearables.

  • Invite those you know to follow TEC on Facebook or Instagram.

  • View the website.

  • Click on an image of a flyer below to download/print and then post at school, work, church, gym, or anywhere else you can.

  • Share one of our YouTube videos below on your social media channels.


Together we can change lives and make more "I Did It!" moments happen.  THANK YOU!  

Questions about donating?

Contact: Autumn Zick

Phone: (269) 429-0671


General Info

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Therapeutic Riding

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TEC1671 TEC with Vets Poster-nocrop_001.png


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