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Community-Based Instruction

Questions about
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Contact: Autumn Zick

Phone:  (269) 429-0671


Remember your first job?  Through our Community-Based Instruction program, TEC collaborates with Blossomland Learning Center to offer their older teens and young adult students an opportunity to learn job skills and develop a strong work ethic before they transfer into the mainstream workforce. 


Students come once a week to the TEC barn to perform duties; such as, cleaning the stalls, maintaining the pastures, general cleaning around the barn, and keeping up the grounds.  TEC volunteers are there to guide them, provide leadership, and to assist them in their duties.  These activities not only teach the students a job skill but also responsibility, teamwork, and how to take direction from someone other than their family members, teachers, or caregivers.


“Working at TEC is more hands-on and not just looking over someone’s shoulder.  Students learn independence by seeing what needs to be done and when to do it.  They learn initiative and how to take charge.” – TEC volunteer and Paraprofessional, Gregg S.


Interested in learning more about our Community-Based Instruction program?  Contact Autumn Zick

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