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Questions about volunteering?

Contact: Hillary McCalebb

Phone: (269) 845-9581


Volunteers are essential to the operations at TEC.  We rely heavily on the invaluable skills, talent, and time of volunteers.  With only a handful of paid staff at TEC, our volunteers serve as the driving force to getting things done and making “I Did It!” moments happen.


Our volunteers wear many hats from working one-on-one with the riders and horses to going out in the community to speak about TEC or teaching in classrooms.  No special training or experience is necessary.  We offer volunteer orientation sessions and hands-on training.


As a TEC volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to …


  • Make a difference in someone’s life.

  • Learn new skills.

  • Work with horses.

  • Meet new people.

  • Stay active and benefit from physical activities.


TEC volunteers must have a positive attitude and be 14 years of age or older.


“If someone is interested in volunteering at TEC I suggest they come watch a lesson to see how it helps the riders and how rewarding it is for the volunteers.  The first time I came to TEC I was amazed by what I saw and the experience I felt.  There were riders with all kinds of disabilities, including some in wheelchairs, and I got to witness one rider actually laughing when she normally doesn’t even speak.”  – TEC Volunteer, Chuck “Grandpa Chuck” W. 


Discover the many ways to be a volunteer at TEC. 

Click the image below to view and print volunteer forms.

Share the Love ... Spread the Word about TEC

Can you help TEC get the word out about our programs and volunteer opportunities?  YES!  Then please download the flyers below to post in the lunch room at work, on the bulletin board at church, or share with family and friends.  Together we can change lives and make more "I Did It!" moments happen.  THANK YOU!  

General Info

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Therapeutic Riding

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