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It has been said that the hardest part of going to war is coming home.  Soldiers who are deployed in combat zones witness unspeakable horrors and face the possibility of death daily.  Life in the battlefield, too often, leaves these men and women scarred for life physically and emotionally.  Once they return home they face a new battle – reacclimating to civilian life.


TEC WITH VETS is a place of healing for veterans, active military personnel, and their family members.  The program combines equine-assisted learning and therapeutic riding to make “I Did It!” moments such as this happen.


“I’ve worked hard to overcome my anxiety and PTSD.  When I first rode Thunder I was filled with overwhelming emotion.  It was a culmination of relief, pride in coming so far, appreciation for this majestic creature, and grateful for his trust and the trust I had in him.  Thanks to the equine therapy program at TEC I’m filled with so much hope for the future.” – TEC WITH VETS Participant, Veteran Yolanda 


The program is designed to harness the energy of horses to support the healing process for our wounded warriors facing the challenges of living with Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS), traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury, amputations, alcohol/drug dependence, anxiety/depression, and much more.  Instructors work one-on-one with participants to meet their individual needs, but may also include group activities when appropriate.  Another way to find healing through TEC WITH VETS is to become a volunteer within the program.


Ready to begin healing?  Interested veterans, active military personnel, and family members, please review the Participant Packet below carefully and complete the TEC WITH VETS application.

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The TEC WITH VETS program is made possible (in whole or part) by a grant for the Stephen E. Upton Love Your Community Grant through the Berrien Community Foundation.  We are profoundly grateful for their support in helping us expand our programs and other therapeutic services free of charge to veterans, active members of the military, and their families.

Click here to read TEC's tribute and condolences for the late Stephen E. Upton.

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