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Questions about
supporting TEC?

Contact: Autumn Zick

Phone: (269) 429-0671


Thank you for your interest in supporting the Therapeutic Equestrian Center.  As a nonprofit organization, TEC is grateful for the support of our friends and the communities we serve.  Without your help we would not be able to continue serving people with special needs and making

“I Did It!” moments happen for them.


Your support makes “I Did It!” moments such as this happen.  A parent shared that because of riding at TEC her daughter is better at listening and is much calmer; especially, at school where her teacher has noticed great improvement as well. 


Former President Ronald Reagan said, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone!”  Are you ready to make a difference in someone’s life and support more “I Did It!” moments?  Whether you give an hour of your time or a dollar out of your pocket it makes a difference for our participants. 


Here are the many ways you can get involved with TEC:


Share the Love ... Spread the Word about TEC

Can you help TEC get the word out about our programs and volunteer opportunities?  YES!  Then please download the flyers below to post in the lunch room at work, on the bulletin board at church, or share with family and friends.  Together we can change lives and make more "I Did It!" moments happen.  THANK YOU!  

General Info

TEC1617 General Info Poster-nocrop_001.png

Therapeutic Riding

TEC1671 Therapeutic Riding Poster-nocrop_001.png


TEC1671 TEC with Vets Poster-nocrop_001.png


TEC1671 Volunteer Poster-nocrop_001.png
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