Meet the TEC Horse Team


Birthday:  January 1, 2014

Breed:  Hafinger Breed

Gender:  Gelding

Color:  Palomino

Height:  14hh

Creating “I Did It!” Moments Since:  2016


Alex is leased to the Therapeutic Equestrian Center from Charity Hackett.  He came to the barn as an experienced trail and lesson pony.  His good looks and charm made him an instant favorite.  His body type is perfect for carrying larger riders.  With his steady and quiet nature, he makes it an easy ride for adults and children.  His goofy, lazy personality makes riders smile. 


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Phone/Text:  (269) 861-6886



Birthday:  January 1, 1994

Breed:  Percheron-Standardbred

Gender:  Mare

Color:  Dark Bay

Height:  15.2hh

Creating “I Did It!” Moments Since:  2016


Bess was donated to TEC by Marjorie Godines.  She is an experienced driving horse with many miles and hours all over the state.  She even traveled to Florida with her owner for a short period.  Her excitement about working outside can be infectious and it challenges our riders with patience and focus for trail rides.  She is always eager and willing to work with any level of rider in the arena.


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Birthday:  January 1, 1992

Breed:  Halflinger Quarter Horse Cross

Gender:  Gelding

Color:  Bay

Height:  14hh

Creating “I Did It!” Moments Since:  2008

Garth came to TEC, along with Tori from Vandalia, Ohio.  He is an experienced trail, lesson, and camp pony.  Being as tall as he is wide, his size comes in handy for riders with balance issues and need a broad base of support.  Volunteers also appreciate his size when they sidewalk with riders.  His steady, laid-back, and patient personality is ideal for most riders; especially, those who may experience emotional outbursts.  He is one of our go-to-horses for his reliability in any circumstance.

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Birthday:  Nov. 27, 2002

Breed:  Shire (Draft) Paint Cross

Gender:  Mare

Color:  Sorrel/White Pinto

Height:  15.3hh

Creating “I Did It!” Moments Since:  2017


Nellie was purchased by TEC from Kris Petlick.  She came to TEC as an experienced trail horse.  She is very well trained and a sensitive mare.  Her size makes her ideal for our adult riders; especially, advanced beginners or intermediate riders.  She is also good for experienced riders wanting to refine their skills.  Her quiet and reliable nature makes her a good therapeutic riding horse and one who enjoys being led around the arena by riders of all levels.


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Birthday:  June 22, 1993

Breed:  Arabian

Gender:  Gelding

Color:  Liver Chestnut

Height:  14.3hh

Creating “I Did It!” Moments Since:  2009


Szanghi was donated to TEC by Joy and Becca Stemm.  He is an experienced trail and lesson horse, and a veteran show horse in Western and Dressage.  His exceptional training makes him a favorite for those who need a light-handed, responsive horse that will do just about anything asked of him.  He is our go-to-horse for riders who are learning to ride independently and perfect for riders who need the gentle sway of his body to relax tight muscles.  His highly intuitive and sensitive demeanor is ideal for veterans and active military members dealing with PTSD.   He’s also a charmer and brings a smile to most anyone who meets him.


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Thunder - Retired Nov. 2018

Birthday:  January 1, 1996

Breed:  Paint/Quarter

Gender:  Gelding

Color:  Bay Tobiano

Height:  15.1hh

Creating “I Did It!” Moments Since:  2016


Thunder is leased to TEC from Colleen McNamara.  He came to the barn as an experienced trail horse and ex-barrel racing competitor.  From the day he arrived, Thunder knew what he needed to do for our riders.  With his exceptional temperament and gentle soul, he’s well suited for therapy work.  His calmness and steady nature makes him great for being led by someone in a wheelchair or helping a rider learn to ride independently.  He does well with riders of all ages.


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Tori - Retired Nov. 2018

Birthday:  January 1, 1992

Breed:  Arabian Cross

Gender:  Mare

Color:  Chestnut

Height:  13.2hh

Creating “I Did It!” Moments Since:  2008


Tori came to TEC, along with Garth from Vandalia, Ohio.  She is an experienced trail, lesson, and camp pony.  Tori is our sweet girl who has helped many of our “little ones” get started in therapeutic riding.  She is a perfect lady for the smallest riders, patient for those nervous of horses, great with those working from wheelchairs, and easy to work with in all forms.  Her bouncy trot is a favorite of many as they giggle around the arena.

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