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Are you thinking of becoming a TEC volunteer? Read what volunteers have to say about their experience lending their hands and hearts to TEC.


“I started coming to TEC because some young kids needed community service hours.  I stayed and became a volunteer because I fell in love with the other volunteers and riders.  I also enjoy hearing the young riders laugh when they accomplish something and seeing the older riders overcome their fears as they relax and laugh as well.  We all (riders, parents/caregivers, volunteers) walk away at the end of class with a sense of accomplishment.  Everyone is smiling!” – TEC Volunteer Bethany G.


“I volunteer at TEC so that kids and adults can have the experience of being free and not held back by their disabilities.  It’s the greatest feeling to see the rider’s face light up and the proud smile they flash when they finally get to experience the joy of riding a horse.”  TEC Volunteer Annaka S.


“I love volunteering at TEC.  I enjoy helping people ride that can’t ride by themselves and to see the smiles on their faces.  I also enjoy being around the horses as they sooth your soul.”  TEC Volunteer Vikki W.

“I first started volunteering at TEC to be close to the horses as an Exercise Rider.  I wanted to use my love of horses to help keep them flexible and in shape.  But soon I was asked to volunteer as a horse leader.  This gave me a new perspective of the work TEC does.  As a retired teacher, I know the difference a person can make in a child’s life but was truly amazed to see what happens when you put amazing horses and good people together.  Every time I volunteer I feel I’m part of a small miracle happening at TEC.  TEC is a wonderful organization that, in my opinion, is as amazing for its volunteers as it is for the people who ride the horses and participate in their programs.”  - TEC Volunteer Dana R.

Questions about volunteering?

Contact: Hillary McCalebb

Phone: (269) 845-9581


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