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Contact: Autumn Zick

Phone: (269) 429-0671


Click here to learn more about the consequences facing TEC due to the coronavirus pandemic and the emergency funding needed.

Click here to view "We Are Not in the Same Boat".

Let's Give a YEEHAW to our Recent Helpers


It’s been said that we’re all in the same boat right now.  The truth is we’re not.  Instead we’re all in the same storm.  Some of our boats are sailing smoothly through the storm while others are struggling to stay on course.

To those who were able to give a little from their boat to our TEC horses, we THANK YOU!  Your donations of $5,150 will help to cover almost one month of care and housing for the team.  As we shared in our original message, with all programs on hold at TEC, we are currently losing more than $3,333 a month in earned revenue.


On average, our monthly expenses to run TEC and care for the horses is approximately, $7,600.  To give you an example of how these recent donations supported TEC's horses, we received an order of 188 hay bales recently.  It cost $1,128 and the hay bales will last close to 60 days.


Once COVID-19 is finally over TEC needs to be here for the community.  Our horses and programs have the ability to decrease anxiety, provide exercise, and offer companionship.  All the things we’re missing during this pandemic.


Thank you, again, to our COVID-19 helpers. It's going to take a team of friends to help us get through these challenging times!

Erin Anstey

June Bostic

Kyle Carow

Victor Coar

Diane Conover

Leah Coultes

Randi Eckstein

Pat Forbes

Laurie French

Pam Heft

Laura Jepkema

Debbie Kaniewski

Kathy Koudele

Lynne Kramer

April Meier

Jonah McDonough

Barbara Najacht

Lisa Quiroz

Kristine Petlick

Celso Pereira

Jim & Amy Pheifer

Martin & Kris Reinelt

Vicki Rosenbluth

Peyton Ware

Tom Wieczoreck

Did you know the CARES Act relief initiative now allows taxpayers to deduct up to $300 of their cash donations to qualifying organizations without itemizing deductions?  Click here to learn more.

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