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From high school students* to retirees, TEC volunteers come from diverse backgrounds with an array of talent and skills.  As different as each volunteer is, they all share an interest in making a difference in someone’s life.  They want to be a part of the “I Did It!” moments happening at TEC.


“When I get in the car at the end of a session, I’m bone tired, but I crank up the radio and sing all the way home.  It lifts your heart watching the accomplishments and challenges these riders face every day.  I realize how good I have it.” – TEC Volunteer Lisa M.


If you enjoy working with horses, you could put your passion to use as a horse leader or sidewalker during therapeutic riding lessons.  Do you enjoy working with children? Then you may be interested in helping with our lessons, school programs, or community-based instruction.  Maybe you prefer more physical work and using your hands. If so, there is always work around the barn that needs to be done.


We have many wonderful ways for you to volunteer at TEC, including (but not limited to) helping with:



We look forward to seeing you at TEC!

Ready to become a TEC volunteer?  Download and fill out the Volunteer Application.

Know someone who would be interested in becoming a TEC Volunteer?  Share this page with them or download a Volunteer Flyer to share.



* Must be at least 14 years of age to volunteer at TEC.

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