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Questions about
school programs?

Contact: Autumn Zick

Phone:  (269) 429-0671


TEC’s programs reach beyond the arena.  Through collaboration with area schools, TEC brings “I Did It!” moments into the classrooms of children, teens, and young adults with disabilities.  TEC has developed two school programs that combine in-classroom and hands-on learning through the use of equine-related activities. 


These school programs use cowboys, horses, and the “Code of the West” to teach students positive behavior through the principles of teamwork, attitude, courage, safety, success, respect, and good choices.  Though each program is tailored to the needs of the specific classroom, both programs consist of several weeks of lessons taught at the school by a TEC volunteer followed by hands-on activities at the TEC barn that incorporate and reinforce principles taught in the classroom.


Learn more about TEC’s school programs and how they might be a fit for your students.


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