TEC's COVID Safety Measures


Updated as of June 23, 2021 ...


TEC has taken very seriously our responsibility to keep everyone safe while participating in TEC-related activities.   During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have used the CDC, MIOSHA, and our local Berrien County Health Department to guide our decisions.


Starting Tuesday, June 22, 2021, state officials lifted Michigan's COVID-19 pandemic orders, allowing Michiganders to return to normal ahead of schedule.


Capacity in both indoor and outdoor settings increased to 100%, and the state no longer required residents to wear a face mask, vaccinated or not, as of Tuesday, June 22, 2021.


Understanding the difference between required and recommended: 

  • Required means must comply

  • Recommended means that you may choose to comply based on your personal circumstances

  • Discretion means having the ability to decide what to do


Resource for the information below:  https://wwmt.com/news/local/june-22-state-of-michigan-to-lift-covid-19-restrictions


Michigan Health and Human Services recommends the following:


Individuals who are not yet fully vaccinated should wear a face mask when

  • In crowded outdoor settings and events

  • Participating in outdoor contact sports

  • In residential care facilities

  • In outdoor congregate settings


All individuals, regardless of vaccination status, should wear a mask in these settings as well

  • In classrooms

  • When participating in indoor contact sports

  • At healthcare facilities


Resource for information below:  https://www.littler.com/publication-press/publication/federal-osha-issues-emergency-temporary-standard-health-care


TEC is required to follow MIOSHA guidelines.  MIOSHA posted:


Organizations and businesses have the authority to put into place policies and guidelines that make sense for their operations, and for the safety of their employees and customers.


Notably, this change allows employers in non-healthcare settings significantly more discretion in determining whether to conduct daily health screenings, enforce face covering mandates, prescribe the level of social distancing, and maintain recordkeeping and requirements for COVID-19 response and preparedness plans.


Employers outside of the healthcare industry are advised to closely review the updated guidance and make further adjustments to their own internal policies and procedures, as appropriate.


What does all this mean for TEC, its participants, family members/caregivers, volunteers, and staff members? 


Taking into consideration the difference between required, recommended, and discretion; and keeping in mind the importance of best practices, TEC is making the following changes to its COVID-19 policies and procedures:


Individuals vaccinated or non-vaccinated:

  • Will no longer be required to wear a mask outdoors or indoors.  Individuals may choose to wear a mask.  Best practices, recommends that non-vaccinated individuals wear a mask.

  • Will no longer be required to maintain 6’ social distancing indoors or outdoors. Individuals may choose to maintain 6’ social distance indoors or outdoors. Best practices, recommends that non-vaccinated individuals maintain social distance whenever possible.


At the beginning of each lesson, each participant and volunteer will decide if they want to wear a mask.  If someone decides to wear a mask, they can also request that everyone involved in the lesson that day also wear a mask.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

And please remember to always ...

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