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Sponsor a Horse

TEC rider feeding horse

There's a lot that goes into taking care of a horse.  You have the standard horse care expenses - board, hay, grain, supplements, wormer, veterinarian, farrier, dental care, chiropractic, and much more.  Then comes the overhead of maintaining the barn and upkeep on the horses; along with paying staff to do the work of taking care of the horses, exercising them, and much more.  When you tally that all up, the Therapeutic Equestrian Center spends more than $35,000 a year on horse-related care. That breaks down to roughly $5,100 per horse, per year.


Sponsor a TEC horse and make more "I Did It!" moments happen!


  • Pewter = $150 – $299 per year

  • Bronze = $300 – $1,499 per year

  • Silver = $1,500 – $2,999 per year

  • Gold = $3,000 – $4,499 per year

  • Platinum = $4,500 – $5,099 per year

  • Titanium = $5,100+ per year


Sponsoring a TEC horse is a great way to honor or memorialize a loved one, or to promote a business, organization, or group. A list of all donors will be listed on the horse’s stall doors (unless you wish to remain anonymous).  Donors will also receive a picture of their horse.


Of course, we also welcome donations toward the cost of grain, hay, etc. for our horses as well.  In fact, you can sponsor the SmartPak supplements for the horses, designed to help keep their old joints moving easily.  These supplement packs are $40/month per horse.

Questions about donating?

Contact: Autumn Zick

Phone: (269) 429-0671


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