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Groundwork & Grooming

Not all “I Did It!” moments at TEC happen on the back of the horse.  Many moments are achieved through working with our horses by learning how to groom them and lead them around the arena.


“Scott is one of our adult participants who has been coming to TEC since he was a small child.  Since riding isn’t an option for him, he spends his time grooming and learning groundwork with Tori (TEC horse).  TEC fills a huge need in his life.  It’s a highlight of his week and provides the physical activity and social interaction he needs.” – TEC Instructor, Autumn Z.


Grooming and Ground Lessons


These sessions are 30 minutes in duration.  The cost to participate is $35 per lesson/week.  

Ready to work with a TEC horse?  Yes!  Read the Rider Handbook for complete details of participating at TEC and complete the appropriate Rider Application Packet.


Contact the rider coordinator

Contact: Lisa Mearing

Phone/Text:  (269) 806-6892


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