TEC is Looking for a Forever Home

TEC is relocating to a new facility within a 10-mile radius from our current location and either building a new facility or remodeling an existing structure to be our forever home.  In early 2021, TEC began developing a 5-year plan for this action.  However, our current landlord has new plans for the barn we use and is requesting we move from the facility by the beginning of November. 


Rest assured that TEC looks forward to a very busy, but great future in the tri-county area.  This bump in the road simply pushes TEC to move forward quicker than we had planned.  It will take some time not only to find the funding to have our own facility but also to have it be sustainable for years to come.  We will be looking for a temporary home until we can make our own facility a reality. 


TEC recognizes how much our services mean to our participants and their families.  We are grateful for our volunteers, staff, donors, and extended family members who support TEC and its mission.  We look forward to all of us working together to determine where our future home will be.  You're welcome to share your thoughts by contacting our Board President, Autumn Zick, at azicktec@gmail.com or calling (269) 429-0671. 

Follow this page to stay up to date as we move toward finding our forever home.

Questions about supporting TEC?

Contact: Autumn Zick

Phone: (269) 429-0671

E-mail: info@tecfarm.org​

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